The 3 cornerstones of digital transformation

Read on as we layout the cornerstones of what it takes to have a successful digital transformation strategy in place.

Jun 30, 2017 12:56:08 PM

Filipe Janela

Posted By Filipe Janela

One of the big buzzwords today is digital transformation. What is this all about and what are the fundamental things you must invest in to ride the wave and take full benefits for your organization? Read on as we layout the cornerstones of what it takes to have a successful digital transformation strategy in place. 



Digital transformation is the ability to change the way an organization behaves using emerging or established digital technologies in order to improve the bottom line and the ability to cope with mounting changes in today’s society.


Digital transformation is all about the willingness to use and ability to cope with SMACIT technologies (social, mobile, analytics, cloud and IoT) in an organization-wide landscape of processes, in order to increase engagement, efficiency and sustainability.


The MIT Center for Information System Research has published a breakthrough paper where they’ve outlined the key fundamental pieces that make a successful digital transformation strategy. The fundamental conclusion of their research is that the key to success lies in the ability to use integrated solutions to apply SMACIT technologies in the organization, effectively bridging the gap between the organization silos.


This goes directly into our own perspective, where the ability to integrate under the common figure of a given process all the stakeholders through an operations-oriented, fully integrated solution gives you the ability to continuously improve your efficiency and engagement.



In MIT CISR’s research they’ve concluded that organization looking for a consistent digital transformation strategy need to focus on three critical aspects:


  • An operational backbone that consistently maps the organization process landscape and provides real time, fluid information on the organization behavior;


  • A digital services platform capable of exposing the company relevant information and enabling information exchange with other stakeholders that relies on reusable business and technology components;


  • A solid, operations oriented integration between digital services (internal or external) and the operational backbone.



By bringing these key aspects together on a process-oriented strategy, organizations are able to acquire agility and improve the ability to engage on a much more effective way. This translates into a solid, resilient and innovative framework that drives the ability to continuously improve and assure sustainability.



Over the years, at Processware we’ve helped companies to integrate and apply these technologies in complex landscapes by deploying integrated, fluid solutions that transform cumbersome flows in agile and operational processes. Check out how we’ve provided successful digital transformation initiatives to some of the largest companies in the world here.



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