Responsive and dynamic distribution

See how we helped Gunnar Dafgård AB gear up a responsive and dynamic food distribution operation.

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The Customer

Gunnar Dafgård AB is the frozen food product manufacturing and distribution Nordic market leader and it is the largest privately owned company in Sweden. It employs over 1.200 people and has a turnover in excess of 250 million Euro.

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The Challenge

Gunnar Dafgård AB experiences a consistent, sustainable growth in their distribution activity, with a yearly increase in sales of over 16%.

This continuous increase in volume places a tremendous strain on the distribution chain, worsened with shorter lead times and increasingly higher service level agreements with their customers.

As the distribution handles multiple business lines and increasingly wider geographies, the optimization of the entire distribution process is a live or die challenge.

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The Solution

Gunnar Dafgård AB chose to implement Processware's Demand Management Solution, tightly integrated with their corporate SAP ERP, to dynamically optimize the distribution process, reduce the overall planning and execution cycle, reduce administrative and transportation costs and increase service level quality.

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The Results

service level to customers


reduction in administrative tasks


reduction in distribution execution cycle

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