Optimizing time sensitive operations

See how Cateringpor's operation became the gold standard in its industry.

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The Customer

Cateringpor, a joint venture between LSG and TAP, is the leading airline catering supplier in Portugal.

Cateringpor operates a high-volume, multi-kitchen, airline-catering operation providing catering services and logistical support connected to passenger aircraft deliveries for all major airlines - serving over 200 flights and up to 50.000 in-flight meals per day.

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The Challenge

Cateringpor's sustained annual growth rate of 30% dramatically increased the requirements for an efficient and accurate production planning and control process.

The nature of the business, where over 15% of orders per day are known less than 5 hours in advance of delivery deadline, requires a fully dynamic, real time production planning process, supported by a paperless production control process that provides consistent accuracy and deviation detection.

From Halal religious requirements to 1st class top level service requirements, Cateringpor must be prepared to deliver top level quality to it’s customers while reducing operation costs.

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The Solution

Cateringpor chose to implement Processware's Catering Industry Solution, providing real time visibility and control, simplifying service and menu engineering, dynamically optimizing loading and planning.

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The Results

reduction in planning effort


reduction in intermediate material waste


reduction in raw material consumption

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