Catering Solution

Our Catering Solution provides real time visibility and control, simplifies service and menu engineering, dynamically optimizing loading and planning. It also integrates with customers and suppliers, delivering a paperless and error free operation.
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An optimized and automated end to end solution that provides:

Easy, user centric, intuitive dashboards and interfaces to manage highly complex processes and massive amounts of data with extreme simplicity.

Real time dynamic optimization of extremely complex processes using massive amounts of data provide a consistent operational framework to achieve unbeatable efficiency and sustainable cost reduction.
Transparent, reliable electronic integration with customer and airport systems provide real time data for automatic planning adjustment, while mobile interfaces assure on the spot, real time process control and event based activity automation.
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A solution that covers all critical operational areas in airline catering
Galley and Service Planning
A state of art, intuitive and easy to maintain full flight service definition tool that provides unsurpassable capabilities.
  • Reduce maintenance effort
  • Increase service quality
  • Eliminate errors & inconsistencies
  • Optimize load & distribution
Menu Engineering & Costing

Define your recipes and menus with full flexibility and minimum effort, while on the fly costing and workflow approval assure both quality and return.

  • Eliminate errors & duplications
  • Increasse margin & return
  • Reduce effort & tasks
  • Improve control & visibility
Flight & Billing Management

A complete, flexible and intuitive dashboard to control your demand and manage your orders with minimal effort.

  • Eliminate errors & tasks
  • Assure integration & accuracy
  • Control events in real time
  • Assure planning & control
Flight Preparation & Control

Assure complete accuracy and real time flight preparation follow up to prevent delays and reduce complaints.

  • Eliminate errors & delays
  • Assure preparation accuracy
  • Monitor status in real time
  • Assure efficiency & control
Last Mile Planning & Control

Rule based, real time, comprehensive resource allocation and control for document issuing, last mile delivery and aircraft service.

  • Optimize resource allocation
  • Reduce planning efort
  • Assure delivery & service quality
  • Eliminate errors & delays
Inventory Forecasting & Control

Automated requirement planning with predictive consumption and highly efficient control processes allow your organization to achieve unbeatable stock accuracy.

  • Automate planning
  • Integrate control
  • Reduce stock cost
  • Benchmark stock accuracy
Procurement Planning

A fully integrated, dynamic procurement planning tool that delivers automated, optimal replenishment and full scale vendor RFP control.

  • Automate replenishment
  • Improve quotation assessment
  • Reduce stock levels
  • Assure planning accuracy
Production Planning & Optimization

Use an advanced continuous waterfall planning strategy to achieve unsurpassable accuracy, efficiency and resource capacity usage.

  • Optimize multi-level planning
  • Reduce material waste
  • Reduce lead times
  • Optimize resource usage
Material Staging & Replenishment

A complete and optimized material staging process, responding in real time to deviations and production planning changes.

  • Achieve 99.9% service level
  • Reduce lead times
  • Automate replenishment activities
  • Optimize staged quantities
Goods Receipt Control

Accurately control each single material goods receipt, assuring traceability and stock conditions with minimum effort.

  • Assured compliance & traceability
  • Eliminate administrative tasks
  • Integrated labeling & identification
  • Seamless cross docking
Quality Control

Enforce and apply stringent quality procedures on material handling without compromising efficiency and accuracy.

  • Assured compliance & traceability
  • Eliminate administrative tasks
  • Integrated follow up & root cause analysis
  • Automatic qualification enforcement
Production Control

An advanced, real time, paperless production control infrastructure to monitor and improve shop floor processes.

  • Absolute accuracy & traceability
  • Assured efficiency
  • Real time process control
  • Become responsive
ERP Integration

Completely electronic, totally automated and focused on standardization to keep you safe and flexible.

  • Synchronize master data
  • Get relevant documents
  • Use best practices
  • Assure standardization
Device Integration

Integrate any electronic device in your processes and capture relevant information in real time to dynamically drive optimal responses and actions.

  • Collect sensor & quality data
  • Capture events & information
  • Track material & equipment
  • Use open & standard technologies
Mobile Operation

Eliminate tasks and provide users with easy, intuitive tools to perform efficiently and accurately.

  • Provide information where it matters
  • Collect accurate data
  • Handle exceptions on the spot
  • Reduce task time & effort
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