Demand Management Solution

Our Demand Management Solution dynamically optimizes your workload, provides real time visibility, increases capacity and dramatically reduces effort and resources. All this while eliminating errors and assuring your SLA.

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A dynamic and real time solution that provides:

Full flexibility to respond dynamically to business and operational conditions as they change, makes your organization respond in the most agile way possible in the most difficult scenarios.


Real time dynamic optimization of your demand and processes that assures the optimal decision in every possible situation, giving you the utmost efficiency and effectiveness.


Consistent, complete and broad visibility over all processes gives you the ability to pinpoint deviations and take actions on the spot.

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A solution that covers key areas in your outbound operations
Drop & Route Optimization

Use rules to define constraints and let O2P optimize your distribution chain in real time, adjusting automatically to demand changes.

  • Optimize multi-level packaging
  • Increase truck volume usage
  • Reduce drop handling time
  • Reduce route cost & time
JIT & Cross Docking Management

Push information to your vendors, help them prepare optimized deliveries and efficiently process cross docked goods receipts.

  • Optimized 3rd party packing
  • Accurate material preparation
  • Real time jit process monitoring
  • Seamless cross docking
Material Flow Optimization

Real time, rule based, dynamic, adaptable decisions to assure the right material gets to the right spot on the right time.

  • Rule based operation splits
  • Dynamic resource allocation
  • Optimized flow decisions
  • Real time rule application & decision making
Material Execution Control

Real time, efficient material handling control to accurately execute each flow instruction.

  • Accurate movement execution
  • Full traceability & control
  • Efficient operation
  • Real time feedback
Picking & Packing Control

Pick and pack optimized multi-level containers with lightning fast operation, absolute accuracy and full traceability.

  • Efficient operation
  • Complete traceability
  • Zero downtime
  • Total accuracy
Transport Forecast & Booking

Use predictive forecasts to improve transport allocation and manage bookings in an integrated distribution planning environment.

  • Reduce transport costs
  • Eliminate administrative tasks
  • Improve workload visibility
  • Control transport requests
Gate & Dock Management

Easy and intuitive tools to manage highly intensive yards, with real time tracking and on the fly resource allocation adjustment.

  • Optimize gate allocation
  • Automate activity scheduling
  • Adapt to operational deviations
  • Assure traceability & monitoring
Yard Activity Control

Monitor, track and control all yard activities in real time, assuring timely and accurate activity execution.

  • Eliminate administrative tasks
  • Control acesses & activities
  • Eliminate loading errors & misses
  • Assure unloading accuracy
Document Issuing Control

A fully configurable, rule-based, template oriented document generation capable to handle the most demanding requirements.

  • Eliminate human intervention
  • Assure document correctness
  • Automate document determination
  • Provide complete documentation
ERP Integration

Completely electronic, totally automated and focused on standardization to keep you safe and flexible.

  • Synchronize master data
  • Get relevant documents
  • Use best practices
  • Assure standardization
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