End to end process optimization solutions to turn your operation into the industry benchmark while allowing you to work the way you want to

Solutions that allow you to reap the benefits of a streamlined operation

Fine tuned to work exactly how you want it to work, not how the ERP tells you how it should work

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Our Manufacturing solutions achieve benchmark efficiency in any complex industry.


Consistent, accurate, global traceability across the entire process landscape, without compromising both efficiency and responsiveness.

Real time dynamic optimization of your processes assures the optimal decision in every possible situation and gives you the utmost efficiency and effectiveness.
Transparent, reliable electronic integration with your ERP, sensors, industrial equipment and any kind of device assures accuracy, responsiveness and task automation.

Benefit from a scalable and flexible solution that allows you to change whenever you need to change.

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Our Catering solutions support the most difficult operational requirements, providing real time control and optimized processes even for airline catering.


Easy, user centric, intuitive dashboards and interfaces to manage highly complex processes and massive amounts of data with extreme simplicity.

Real time dynamic optimization of extremely complex processes using massive amounts of data provide a consistent operational framework to achieve unbeatable efficiency and sustainable cost reduction.
Transparent, reliable electronic integration with customer and airport systems provide real time data for automatic planning adjustment, while mobile interfaces assure on the spot, real time process control and event based activity automation.

Our solutions contain the real time handling and dynamic process optimization provided by O2P that makes you achieve extreme responsiveness in your organization.

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