The Platform

Simplify complex logistics operations

An intelligent, agile and dynamic cloud platform, providing a complete solution for highly complex operations and industries.
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Proven power for your operations

O2P has delivered consistent and sustainable benefits to all our customers. It has transformed organizations into highly responsive, flexible industry benchmarks. And it has been an invaluable tool to support all c-level strategies and action plans.

Unbeatable operational results
  • 40% increased capacity
  • 50% improvement in resource usage
  • 85% reduction in lead times
  • 100% traceability
Unmatched financial return
  • 80% cost reduction in labor costs
  • 22% reduction in material waste
  • 30% reduction in transport costs
  • 80% reduction in SLA penalties
Breakthrough IT sustainability
  • Full ERP standartization
  • Platform consolidation
  • Full proof scalability
  • 40% landscape TCO reduction
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The Architecture

An intelligent, dynamic & adaptable cloud platform to digitize processes and optimize complex operations.

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The Operation

Connected everywhere to everything, dynamically adjusting processes to meet changes in the real world as they happen.

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