Inbound Control Solution

Our Inbound Control Solution anticipates incidents and problems, gives you total visibility and eliminates errors, dramatically reducing both effort and resources.
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A streamlined and optimized solution that provides:
Full electronic integration with suppliers and your ERP, to eliminate tasks and assure error free information.
Complete process automation, from document integration to document posting, assuring automatic validation rule application and information inference to guarantee blazing fast operation.
Consistent, complete and broad visibility over all processes and documents gives you the ability to pinpoint deviations and take actions on the spot.
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A solution that covers a wide range of critical inbound activities
Electronic Document Integration
 A fully configurable electronic document integration process that allows your operation to rely on accurate and early information.
  • Eliminate manual input & data errors
  • Assure full visibility
  • Automate process execution
  • Improve resource usage & capacity planning
Contract & Rule Management

Define contracts and rules to fully automate document processing, difference detection and document validation.

  • Comprehensive contract definition
  • Based on effective dates
  • Flexible & complete validation rules
  • Easy maintenance & updates
Document Processing & Validation

Automated rule application on all documents assures accuracy, efficiency and comprehensive difference detection.

  • 100% accurate contract enforcement
  • Early difference detection
  • Effortless document completion
  • Scales to handle massive volumes
Document Difference Processing

Easy, task driven, document oriented dashboards to quickly identify problems and provide efficient solutions.

  • Fast issue detection
  • Powerful resolution mechanisms
  • Intuitive document assessment
  • Tight process integration
Document Dispute Management

Start, monitor and close document disputes, using electronic data exchange to fully automate the process.

  • Clear status monitoring
  • Electronic dispute handling
  • Immediate backlog assessment
  • Efficient dispute resolution
Document Goods Receipt

A mobile aware process to make physical goods receipt consistent, efficient and full proof.

  • Reduce task time
  • Eliminate errors
  • Assure labeling
  • Manage traceability
Document Posting

A fully automated process that completely eliminates human intervention in ERP information posting and handling.

  • Eliminate administrative tasks
  • Eliminate task duplication
  • Comply with ERP requirements
  • Assure consistency
ERP Integration

Completely electronic, totally automated and focused on standardization to keep you safe and flexible.

  • Synchronize master data
  • Get relevant documents
  • Use best practices
  • Assure standardization
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