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Inbound Control, Material Control and Demand Management are the solutions that allow you to simplify and accelerate your operations and processes.

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Inbound Control Solution

Our Inbound Control Solution makes sure you know in advance what you will receive, matching it against fiscal, purchasing, accounting and handling rules that will allow you to trace the entire process accordingly, without any administrative effort involved.

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Material Control Solution

Our Material Control Solution allows you to control, optimize and monitor in real time any physical movement in your facility, making sure the right material is delivered on time at the right spot.

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Demand Management Solution

Our Demand Management Solution manages, plans and optimizes all your outbound and delivery flows, assuring shorter lead times, faster picking and optimized distribution.

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Built to Last

Our solutions are built on top of the most powerful operational management platform, O2P, that provides unsurpassed flexibility, scalability and agility.


Manage your complex logistic processes using tried and tested solutions that deliver the efficiency and effectiveness that makes the difference.


Our solutions allow you to deploy the world’s process Best Practices in a fraction of the time and without changing your underlying ERP structure for truly sustainable benefits.

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