Become the gold standard in Airline Catering

Responsive and real time solution to optimize highly volatile, time critical operations.
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An end to end solution to deliver comprehensive catering operations optimization

Our catering solution is the gold standard in Airline Catering.
The solution provides real time visibility and control, simplifies service and menu engineering, optimizes loading and planning, delivers a paperless and error free operation and integrates with costumers and suppliers.


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  • Galley and Service Planning
  • Menu Engineering & Costing
  • Flight & Billing Management
  • Flight Preparation & Control
  • Last Mile Planning & Control
  • Inventory Forecasting & Control
  • Procurement Planning
  • Production Planning & Optimization
  • Material Staging & Replenishment
  • Goods Receipt Control
  • Quality Control
  • Production Control
  • ERP Integration
  • Device Integration
  • Mobile Operation


Discover our optimized and automated end to end solution to help you improve your bottom line.

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