We are Efficiency Seekers
Our solutions help you run agile processes and improve your bottom line.
We are Process Optimizers
Tried and tested solutions to help you manage complex processes
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Improve your bottom line
The only really important thing is improving your EBITDA and keeping it above expectations. Our solutions directly improve your bottom line and help you keep it above the industry benchmark.
Consistent Tactical Return
  • 80% cost reduction in labor costs
  • 22% reduction in material waste
  • 30% reduction in transport costs
  • 80% reduction in SLA penalties
  • 100% traceability
  • 85% reduction on administrative tasks
Benchmark Strategic Return
  • 40% increased capacity through operational efficiency
  • 50% improvement in resource usage through flow optimization
  • 85% reduction in lead times through real time planning and optimization
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How do we do it?
Learn how our People, Product and Process are the pillars of our success.
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Agile solutions for key industries
We deploy agile solutions that make your operation the industry benchmark while allowing you to work the way you want to.
We provide industry specific process management solutions with end to end, real time, process optimization and control.
From suppliers to finished production goods receipt, including quality control, flow optimization and PLC integration, our Manufacturing Solution achieves benchmark efficiency in any complex industry.
Our Catering Solution supports the most difficult operational requirements, including those imposed by airline operations. And provides everything from service planning, demand management, trolley preparation, LMI control and final verification to truck loading and aircraft delivery. In real time.
Agro Operations
The Agro Operations Solution allows your operation to track not only your inbound flows and legal requirements, but also to plan efficiently to maximize yields and reduce purchasing costs. And it also helps you managing resources, tracking consumptions, controlling harvesting and keep transports under check.
We deliver process optimization solutions based on O2P, the world class operational management platform, tried and tested around the world to deliver unsurpassed efficiency and seamless integration with your ERP.
Inbound Control
Our Inbound Control Solution manages all inbound flows from supplier dispatch advice to physical storage without any administrative task.
Material Control

Our Material Control Solution allows you to control, organize and monitor in real time any physical movement in your facility.

Demand Management

Our Demand Management Solution manages, plans and optimizes all your outbound and delivery flows.

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